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F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender is the Night  (via iamlamour)

He knew that there was passion there, but there was no shadow of it in her eyes or on her mouth; there was a faint spray of champagne on her breath. She clung nearer desperately and once more he kissed her and was chilled by the innocence of her kiss, by the glance that at the moment of contact looked beyond him out into the darkness of the night, the darkness of the world.


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I feel empty

Day Five - made me cry a bit actually →


It’s scary how literally every space I stare into I see your face and memories flashing before my eyes. It makes me sick to the stomach thinking about the last time I slept next to you, the last time I saw you, the last time I touched you, the last time I heard you breathing and who would have…

i feel ya


I’m so tired of being so extremely depressed and overly anxious all the time holy shit I don’t mean to bother people but I do bc I’m constantly worried they hate me and shit and I have to have constant reassurance and no one is patient enough to just assure me of these things I worry about instead of yelling at me please don’t yell at me I don’t mean to anger anyone I just worry a lot fuck


Since you guys requested it…

Sooo adorableee 😍😍😍

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